How we're different

We offer first, second and third year band

First year students (4th - 8th grades) come to us with

little or no experience in Instrumental playing

Rehearsals are Monday afternoons, 4-6pm.

Second year students (5th - 8th grade) have at least one year of Instrumental playing and will be assessed beforehand.

Rehearsals are Monday afternoons, 4-6pm.


Each week your child will be taught music literacy - the building blocks of a good music education - and not just literature used in getting ready for an up-coming performance. Yes, they'll be plenty of that too, but our teachers are here because they are committed to giving your child a life long love of music.


Our Band ensembles are limited to 30 students. And our small groups are very limited for personalized, one-on-one instruction. Every week your child receives one 40 minute ensemble rehearsal and one 40 minutes small group class, Theory Class  - plus time

in-between for snack!


At $29 a week, our program is an exceptional value for your child's Musical Education. Some individual lessons can run upwards of $60 for 1/2 an hour. Other programs charge $1500 - 2500 a year! And while we support all teachers and programs, we think we're a great value. Still think you can't afford Band for your child? Think again. Generous scholarships

are available.

There is an additional $41 fee for

Book, Snack and Shirt


Our winter concert will be legendary - something not to be missed. Our Spring concerts - epic. We will culminate our year with a special concert trip to Disneyland

in May 2022! *

* Additional fees apply

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